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web development course in indore

Our web development coaching classes institute is one of the most updated ones in the industry. To develop oneself as a skilled web developer, one needs to get proper guidance and tech forest is the best option for you. The syllabus of our web development course Indore covers all the aspects from basic to advance level.

Web development refers to tasks associated with the development of the website, either static or dynamic. Facebook is one of the most popular examples of web application. Web developer mainly focuses on coding and programming of the web pages.

Difference between web designer and web developer?

Web designing and web development are two different aspects. Usually, peoples confused between the two. Web design refers to the visual aspect of the site. The invisible coding behind the website comes under web development. In short, we can say that the elegant interface is usually created by web designers and the process of converting an image into a page that is viewed by visitors is the duty of the web developer.

The tools used by web designers are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, etc. The tools used by web developers are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and many more.

Overview of Web development

There are two broad segments of web development.

  • Front-end development (Client-side development)
  • Back-end development (Server-side development)


The front-end of the website is the part that the user can see. When we load any web application, the things we can see on it like buttons, images, links, etc. comes under the front-end development. This is done with three languages-

  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JS (JavaScript)

HTML is used to create and design the basic structure of a web page. It is a markup language and is the most important building block of any web page. It mainly consists of HTML tags, elements, and attributes.

CSS is used for the designing of a web page. How everything looks on the web page is decided by CSS. It manages the cosmetic side of a web page.

JS is used to create interactive effects within the browser. It helps to “make web pages alive”. The programs written in this language are called “scripts.” Scripts are applied to HTML document and execute automatically when the web page loads.

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The back-end of the website is the part that we cannot see. It is the programming behind the web page. Back-end comprises of a server, an application, and a database. Back-end coding is written in many different coding languages like Java, PHP, Python, etc.

The role of a web developer is to develop a functional website which is ready to perform defined functions. Web development is performed in various phases. We will discuss it one by one.


This is the preliminary phase of web development. In this phase, the developer meets the client and understand his/her requirements. Then he plans the structure of the website. During this phase, it is also important to determine how the client interacts with the site. In this phase, a sitemap is constructed which decides how the components of the site are linked to one another.

Phase 2 – DESIGN

The design phase is when the visual look of the site is decided. This includes everything from choosing colors, fonts to page width. The planning phase regulates what the user will do with the site. The design phase determines “where and how”. While designing you have to view the things by the user’s perspective.


The development phase is the most important part for web developers. For most of the websites, the process of development is broken down into three architectural components-

  • Application logic- It is often referred to as the “model” component. This comprises of the majority of back-end code. In this logic, the web developer must understand the connection between the site and the database that controls it.
  • Presentation- It is commonly known as “view” component. It decides how the website is to be presented to the client. HTML and CSS are key components in this phase.
  • Connection- It is also known as the “controller” component. This code defines the connection between the front-end and back-end. This model is known as MVC architecture, i.e., Model-View-Controller.

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Some popular software used for web development are-

WordPress- WordPress is a blogging platform. It is developed in PHP language. It supports in developing your website on your own server along with PHP/MySQL database. It is one of the best development tools. Also, this software is used as Content Management System (CMS) to develop commercial websites. WordPress is easy to install and free of cost. It includes various site templates for free. Also, it is SEO optimized.

Mock plus- Mockplus is used to create faster, smarter and simpler prototypes with simple drag and drop method. It includes a set of readymade components which reduces your time effort. It supports mobile as well as desktop applications. It offers superlative features to make better designs.

Macaw- Macaw offers the same flexibility as your favorite image editing tool, but also write semantics of HTML and CSS. It also offers the ability to make responsive web pages. It is a free design software with temperate learning curve and flexibility. You can also save your design elements for later use.

Scope of Web developer

There are colossal scopes for students who attain web development courses Indore in India as well as abroad. As the information technology is booming right now, there is endless scope in the IT industry.

Nowadays, every business is controlled globally with the help of the web. In this digital era, every organization has a personal website. The Website provides you the way through which you can advertise or promote your brand globally. To develop and manage those websites, companies hire web developers.

With the rapid arrival of the IT industry, the demand for web developers is increasing day-by-day. Now the question comes, “How can you become a skilled web developer?” So, Tech forest institute is here to gain this opportunity. We offer web development courses Indore, with the assurance of Job in good MNC.

After completing the course, you can either work in a reputed company or you can work as a freelancer. The job profiles for web developer include the following: -

  • Front end developer
  • Back end developer
  • Web application developer
  • Web marketing analyst
  • Senior web analyst

In India, on an average, a web developer earns 2.75 to 3.5 lacs per year. If you are experienced in this field, you will earn more than this. Also, you can setup your own enterprise.

MVC architecture

Model-View-Controller commonly known as MVC is a software design pattern for building web applications. MVC pattern comprises of three parts-

  • Model- It represents the data and business logic.
  • View- It is responsible for displaying the data to the user.
  • Controller- It controls the interaction between the Model and the View. We can elaborate the above terms one by one.


It is the lowermost layer of the architecture. The model component deals with all data related logic. It is responsible for storing the data in the database and retrieving from the database. It also responds to the requests coming from the view and also the instructions coming from the controller.


It is the middle layer of the MVC architecture. It deals with the presentation of data to the user. It is used for the User interface logic of an application. It includes text boxes, drop down menus and everything the user interacts with.


It is the uppermost layer of MVC architecture. It is responsible for handling the user’s requests. It responds to the user input. The controller acts as an interface between the MODEL and VIEW. It accepts the input from the user and performs the corresponding updates. Also, the controller has the ability to update the model.