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Graphic design courese in Indore

What is Graphic design ?

Graphic design is made up of two keywords. First one is “graphic” which means image representation of an object. It means whatever we see on a computer screen is graphic. “Design” means planning. Graphics designing is a combination of images, texts, visuals in a presentable layout.

Graphics designing is not only bound to make something look elegant rather it is all about to convey someone’s ideas by using images, illustrations, etc. We can say that molding someone’s ideas visually is graphics designing.

We can say that molding someone’s ideas visually is graphics designing.Therefore, it is also called communication designing.

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Elements of graphic design -

It is a combination of various elements. It may be image-based like photos, symbols, logos or it may be type-based or a combination of both. Elements of graphic design are -

  • Line- Line is the key element of any graphic design. Any two connected points can be defined as a line. The Line is also used to create various shapes and patterns.
  • Color-Color is the most apparent element of any graphic design. Graphic designers must have good color combination skills. Choosing of a good color gives a good impression to the user. Color is used to unify branding and create visual interest for the user.
  • Shape- The three basic shapes used by graphics designer are-Geometric (Rectangles, circles, squares, etc.), Natural (leaves, peoples) and Abstract (icons, graphics representations). Shapes are used carefully to create an eye-catchy design.
  • Space- Space is a crucial part of any good graphic design. It is the area over the elements. It can be used to distinguish information. Proper space defines importance and leads the eye to where you want it to travel.
  • Size- In graphics design, size is used to give attention on an object. Can you imagine a website with symmetrical ingredients? It appears so boring. Size of an image decides how much importance you want to give to that image.

Tools for Graphic design -

Nowadays, in this digital world, everyone wants to do more work in less time. Internet and latest technologies made it possible. There are many tools/software’s available which made the work of graphics designer less complicated.

With new tools coming up, the expectations of clients also going high. A good designer is not just having skilled ideas but also having the right tools to execute those ideas.

  • Adobe photoshop-Enhance your designs and photos Photoshop is a very powerful tool for creating patterns and prints which help you to become a good designer. It allows designers to build confidence in their design skills. Based on drawings, it creates digital artwork. And most interesting, it brings your ideas to life. With photoshop you can remove an unwanted area from an image and on the other hand, you can also combine multiple images.
  • Illustrator-Create logos, icons, and sketches Adobe illustrator proposed 2D or 3D manipulation of graphics to increase efficiency. Illustrator primarily used for creating vector graphics. It is a flexible program which gives high-quality output images.
  • CorelDraw-Intensify your pictures It is also a vector graphics editor. This application is commonly used for Desktop publishing. Its main benefit is that though it is vector-based software, it does not lose the quality of an image after resizing.
  • Adobe InDesign-Create layouts Adobe InDesign is very useful for publishers. It is used to create layouts for online magazines, brochures of companies, etc. It is compatible with MacOs or Windows. In InDesign, the combining of text and graphics become very easy.

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Some other extra tools are-

  • Serif Drawplus
  • Inkscape
  • ProofHub
  • Marvel
  • Palleton

Applications of Graphics Designing -Nowadays, we have seen applications of graphics designing everywhere in our day-to-day life. It can be applied in an entertainment industry, gaming, and multimedia. To convey any type of content graphically or visually create more impact on the user. join graphic design courses in Indore at tech forest. You can also apply graphics design on T-shirts, for making wedding albums and many more.