Software testing training Indore, coaching classes institute Indore

Software testing training Indore offers by one of the finest institutes, Tech forest. Our training is real-time and job oriented. The training program is designed to provide skills and knowledge to increase a competitive advantage in starting career in software testing. Our training course is aimed at mastering you in both Manual and Automation testing.

Software testing training

What is software testing?

Software testing is defined as an activity to ensure that whether the actual results match the expected results. Through software testing we assure that the system is defect free. The main purpose of software testing is to find any gaps, errors, and missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements. If software testing is done properly then it will remove all the errors in the software.

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We at Tech forest institute train you right from the basics to the advanced level concepts of software testing. We also include real-time case studies in our training sessions. Software testing can be done either manually or using some testing tools.

Manual testing- Manual testing refers to the process of testing the software in which the test cases are executed manually. It is performed to detect bugs in the software. In this type of testing, the tester checks all the crucial features of the given application. In this process, the tester executes the test cases manually and generate the reports without using any automation tools.

Types of Manual testing: -

  • Unit testing
  • System testing
  • Integration testing
  • Acceptance testing

Automation testing- Automation testing refers to the process of testing the software with the help of automation tools. In this the tester write code to automate text execution. The main objective of using automation testing is to complete test execution in less amount of time. Some of the tools used in automation testing are-

  • HP QTP (Quick Test Professional)/UFT (Unified Functional Testing)
  • Selenium
  • LoadRunner
  • TestComplete
  • WinRunner

BLACK BOX TESTING- Black box testing is a testing approach in which the tester evaluates the functionality of the software without looking the internal code structure. Testers create test cases based on the software specifications. It is also called behavioral, I/O testing.

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WHITE BOX TESTING- It is also called glass box testing. It deals with the internal code structure of the application. In this testing, an internal perspective of the system, as well as programming knowledge are used to design test cases.

Topics we covered -

  • Testing fundamentals
  • Introduction, definition and basics of software testing
  • Software testing as career path
  • 7 software testing principles
  • Types of testing
  • Manual testing tutorial
  • Manual testing vs Automation testing
  • System testing, Integration testing
  • What is Regression testing?
  • What is Non-functional testing?
  • Test case development
  • What is test scenario? Template with examples
  • How to write test cases
  • Test analysis in software testing
  • Testing techniques
  • Test management and control
  • Performance testing

We at Tech forest institute provides you Software testing coaching classes institute Indore by using tools like Selenium, QTP/UFT. Software testing is the neve- ending sector in IT. To deliver quality software products, you need to perform its testing at many levels. The existence of big data, AI or cloud has made software testing more significant. The options available in testing field is enormous. You can become a test engineer, QA lead, QA manager, and many more choices.

Manual testing is a favorable way to start career in software testing. Once you gained experience in manual testing (4-6 months), you can start learning an automation testing.

Over the last few years, the demand for software tester has seen phenomenal growth. Testing has become a crucial part of software/product implementations. Not only in India, the scope of software testing in foreign countries is also in great demand.