Apk andriod training Indore, mobile application training Indore

Tech forest is the leading institute in Apk andriod training Indore with best course material and Android projects in Indore. Smartphones have become the backbone of the digital industry. We believe in delivering 100% practical knowledge in Android development at an affordable cost.

apk andriod training Indore

Our apk andriod training courses are innovative and optimal for those who are seeking for better career opportunities. In the last few years, Android has made a name for itself. Over 1 billion Android phones were sold alone in 2014. Android applications were developed in JAVA, a well-supported and reliable language with a wide ground of existing developers.

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An Android Software Developer Kit (SDK) was assembled, offering application builders libraries of JAVA code which they include in their projects to make it easy to access the functions of the device. Android is a prominent computing platform based on the Linux operating system.

Our Apk Android training Indore has a unique combination of theory and practical classes. After completion of the course, every student gets hands-on experience to develop mobile phone applications. App development is flourishing at a very fast rate. This has created enormous demands in the market of skilled developers.

What is Android?

Android is a Linux based operating system. It is used for mobile devices or tablets. The best thing about android programming is that it is based on JAVA programming. So if you are familiar with JAVA then it will be fun to learn Android programming.

Android is still updating in this digital world. The latest version of Android in the market is Honeycomb 3.1. It encompasses advanced features and updated applications.

Features of Android

  • Simple and user-friendly interface- Android is very easy to use and provide a user-friendly interface. It means anyone with prior experience of operating mobile phones can operate it easily.
  • Media support- Android applications support a huge variety of media like JPEG, JPG, MP3, MP4, PNG, MIDI, and many more.
  • Resizable widgets- Android widgets are resizable in nature. User can expand them or shrink them accordingly.
  • Multi-tasking- Android supports the feature of multi-tasking. It means a user can switch from one task to another and at the same time running various applications simultaneously.
  • Messaging- Android provides you with the functionality of messaging. (SMS or MMS)

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Why choose Tech forest for Android training Indore?

In a very short time, Android has become the no. 1 option for smartphones. Its main benefit is that it is totally free since the day it was launched. Unlike other operating systems, Android is open for all. With many brains working on this system, unique ideas were incorporated, which in turn helps in making Android a popular choice.

Our institute provides complete apk andriod training Indore, mobile application training as well as an internship in Android development. The candidates are made to work on live projects so that they can familiar with real-time exposures. App development has a huge scope in the IT industry. Our institute covers the following topics in Android development training-

  • Introduction to JAVA
  • OOP’s concepts
  • Inheritance
  • Exception handling
  • Packages and interfaces
  • JVM and .jar file extension
  • Introduction to Android
  • Overview of Android
  • Setting up development and environment
  • UI components
  • Android API levels
  • Emulator-Android virtual device

In our institute, the students gain skills related to developing and deploying Apk Android applications. At the end of the course, the aspirants gain enough knowledge to develop and publish their own apps for Google Android devices.

Android applications have influenced most of the enterprises as a part of digital revolution today. Our trainers have years of experience in Android development. Our Android course content is comprehensive and up to the current market requirements. Students after completing this course get excellent chance to be placed in the development team.

Android application development has flourishing job opportunities globally. Most of the startups and multinational companies are focusing on Android development, for which they need skilled Android developers.