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We are the preeminent institute for E-mail marketing training in Indore with assured placements and certification. E-mail marketing is an act of sending a commercial message to a group of people using e-mail. E-mail marketing helps you to connect with your customers to increase sales and promote a brand.

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Gary Thuerk, a Marketing manager works at Digital Equipment Corporation sent a first commercial e-mail years later, where a message is reached to a list of an e-mail address. From here, E-mail marketing was born. Many marketing trends come and go in this Digital marketing era, e-mail remains the most powerful channel available among modern digital marketers.

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Why use E-mail marketing?

  • E-mail has a larger reach- We can say that E-mail is the currency of the Web. Anybody who is online has an active e-mail address. An E-mail has a larger reach among people rather than any other social networking site. Tech Forest provides email marketing classes based on live projects, email marketing coaching classes with certifications.
  • E-mail delivers your message- 90% of e-mail gets delivered to the contracted recipients’ inbox. Survey shows that E-mail is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter for acquiring new customers.
  • Build your brand- With e-mail marketing you can build-up brand recognition with new clients and increase the number of customers when people forward or share your message.
  • Learn what works- E-mail marketing allows you to see the metrics. This helps you to see how your campaign e-mails are performing. This vision helps you to market smarter. This also gives benefits of understanding the needs and interests of the customer.
  • Reach people on any device- This feature of e-mail marketing is very useful. E-mail can be opened on any device. It may be mobile phones, Tablets, PC, etc.

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Marketing of a product or brand or website through e-mail is the most cost-effective way. By using an e-mail marketing provider, you have access to e-mail templates which are designed professionally. These templates are designed to make the process quick. When the message lands in the inbox of the customer it looks professional.

You can also customize e-mail templates accordingly. E-mail marketing also helps in E-commerce business by increasing traffic to your website. In an e-commerce business, our main aim is to bring more customers to the store. E-mail marketing campaigns can help with this. E-mail marketing provides you with the ability to organize customers into the list and communicate based on their interests, location, purchase behavior and many more.If you are searching best email marketing training indore - techforest best place for that.